5 Insane Las Vegas Tours

Las Vegas can offer tourists much more than posh casinos, top-tier restaurants and world-class hotels. Explore Sin City from a fresh perspective and embark on one of the tours listed below.

Downtown food experience. Las Vegas offers diverse cuisine for many tastes and preferences. The 2.5-hour food tour will include visiting some of the most popular spots and tasting food and beverages while learning more and the city history and culture.

Wine yoga. It’s about yoga… and wine. Share a glass of red or white wine with others while practicing fun and relaxing yoga poses. The classes are usually outdoors, and you’ll be given a take-home wine cup as a souvenir.

Balloon ride. Experience a fabulous hot-air balloon trip over the mountains (Red Rock Canyon), the trademark Las Vegas Strip and other places. When you land, there will be a picnic with some light snacks as well as a Champagne toast.

Fremont Street bar crawl. Explore the heart of downtown Vegas by visiting the bars on Fremont Street. You’ll be surrounded with kitsch, art installations, light shows; as for beverages, be prepared to taste craft beers and Scorpion tequila!

Area 51 tour. If you believe we’re not alone in this universe, take a private tour of the legendary Area 51. While you can’t enter the military facility itself, no-one says there won’t be things to discover. Explore the alien lore, visit key locations and dive into the unexplained during this full-day tour. (An alien-themed lunch is included.)

Helicopter flight at night. Want to see the Strip lights from a helicopter cabin? Try a 15-minute flight to get a bird’s-eye view of the famous landmarks of the city (Bellagio fountains, the Mirage and others). Enjoy the flight like a V.I.P.: take sips of bubbly and savour the snacks to enhance the experience.