Amazing Places in Europe You Haven’t Been To

Being told about the Eiffel Tower restaurants for the 100th time is not amusing. Visiting Paris after most of your friends have been there (and described the restaurants to you) is even worse. It’s much better to discover these exciting but often-overlooked European destinations.

1. Krakow is a city in Poland which offers all things Western Europe: historical buildings, mountain ranges, world-class museums… The difference is in the prices, which are very low compared to renowned destinations. Also, there are no crowds.

2. Portugal offers tourists a lot, from gothic cathedrals to music festivals. Visit the Azores, a nine island archipelago with volcanic crates, geothermal springs and picturesque villages on the coast.

3. Germany is rich in historical places, and one of them, not frequented by tourist crowds, is Dusseldorf. It’s a city in Western Germany standing on both banks of the Rhine. It hosts arts and fashion, as well as waterfront dining places under open skies.

4. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, lets you discover the north with traditional spas and saunas, churches, museums, cafes. You can also take short trips to Russia or Estonia to broaden your experience.

5. If you’re keen on visiting France, skip Paris and go for Nice. Its wonderful beaches, incredible views and the European spirit will definitely fascinate you.

6. Back to Portugal… The second-largest city in the country, Porto is the place of origin of port wine. Spreading along the River Douro, the city boasts numerous on- and off-water activities.

7. Vienna, Austria, is sometimes called “a mini Paris”, and for a good reason. Astonishing palaces and gardens, classy restaurants, the zoo… The city is quite affordable, and your stories will be fresher than those about the Eiffel Tower!