Discover Canal Cities of the World

It isn’t all about Venice: there are beautiful canals and bridges in many cities. Not only bridges, though; how about a nice pagoda or a full-fledged palace to admire from your boat? Venice is officially overcrowded, and it’s high time to search for an alternative.

1. Speaking about pagodas… Have you visited Suzhou in China? Its historic district abounds in narrow canals, traditional architecture and enchanting gardens. No skyscrapers allowed!

2. Back to Europe: discover the eye-catching canals in Delft (Netherlands). Immortalised by Vermeer, the famous painter, these canals are very picturesque, as well as buildings that surround them.

3. India. Interested in a boat tour of the rivers and canals? Visit Alappuzha: it’s the gateway to Kerala’s backwater region, with palms along the banks and local industries such as shrimp farming. You can choose to stay in a houseboat as well, and there are “snake boat” races held every summer.

4. Australia. Gold Coast City has amazing beaches as well as miles upon miles of canals surrounded by waterfront homes. If you’re into more extreme pastime, try jetboating through the city’s waterways at a good speed. In case you’d rather not to, there’s a kayaking or a dinner cruise option.

5. If you’re a movie buff, you may remember Bruges, Belgium, from a renowned comedy-drama with Colin Farrell. However, this centuries-old city isn’t just a film backdrop. It’s also a place with very picturesque canals. Enjoy a boat ride, view old “postcard” houses aligning the canals and don’t forget to taste the local chocolates!

6. St. Petersburg, the former capital of Russia, is a stunning place when it comes to canals and architecture. If you visit the city between April and November, you have the chance to witness the historic bridges across the Neva River being raised at night. If this happens to be a “white night”, prepare yourself for even better experience! When on shore, see the gorgeous palaces and monuments of St. Petersburg.