Top Places in Europe to Visit This Year

1. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, has a lot to offer this year. From timeless historical buildings and heritage sights, to wonderful restaurants and thermal waters, the city will cater to your touristic needs. Discover the beauty and rich culture of Budapest, which is also one of the safest destinations. Buy a Danube cruise, visit the Buda Castle and take some stunning photos to impress everyone!

2. Braga, Portugal, is another popular destination. It’s enchanting, bright and bursting with life. The gothic cathedral will amaze connoisseurs, and those craving for something romantic will enjoy the Santa Barbara Garden. Keen on shopping? Braga offers a mix of shopping centres, designer and traditional shops. Be sure to check out the high quality events taking place all year round; street concerts during the White Night festival, for instance.

3. When visiting Italy, don’t miss Monte Isola. Two hours from Milan, situated on Lake Iseo, this place offers most beautiful landscapes. There’s the mountain in the middle of the lake and a small town at its foot. Local community is all for sustainable tourism (no cars allowed). The place inspires artists, families, romantic couples and hikers. Discover local crafts and fish products such as sun dried sardines. Monte Isola is an island, so you’ll need a boat to get there.

4. In France, Metz is your no. 1 place. It hosts tourists, artists, designers and start-up companies. Located in the north-east of the country, Metz is great for a short stay. Riverside, shopping streets, parks and gardens are meant to bring you distraction and relaxation. Local cafes and restaurants are fine for every budget.

5. History buff? Visit Poznan. This city in Poland boasts an amazing old-style town hall, a huge castle and an old market square. Stary Browar is a very beautiful shopping and art centre. If you’re into gastronomy, hundreds of classy restaurants await you. Ethno music festivals and other great events are also there to enjoy.