New Zealand Destinations

From gorgeous islands and bays to Hobbiton, New Zealand has plenty to offer to first-time and returning visitors. Check out these picks to know the top places in the country.

1. If you’re keen on sailing and watersports, the Bay of Islands should be your no 1. place on the list. Sail, catch some fish or scuba dive to explore the amazing underwater world. You’ll see whales and dolphins during an eco boat tour. Hole in the Rock, which is an opening you can sail through at the right time, is another place worth visiting.

2. White Island. It’s the most active volcano in New Zealand, so if you’re in for some adventurous experience, be sure to book a helicopter safari ride. White Island tours aren’t dangerous, but you’ll have to don on a gas mask and a hard hat for protection. Scuba diving near the volcano is another option, and you’ll get to see its underwater vents.

4. Glowworm caves in Waitomo are a spectacular place. Illuminated by plethora of glowworms emitting green light, this unique spot is accessible by boat, and you’ll learn about the historical and scientific aspects behind this marvel. Black-water rafting is also amazing: you’ll be floating down an underwater stream on an inner tube. Enjoy the bright green illumination above as you sail by and jump off waterfalls.

5. Franz Josef glacier is another unique place where you can hike a real glacier. Take a guided walk or fly over it in a helicopter. Tours include various activities such as ice climbing, and hikers won’t freeze there. The glacier isn’t cold: the temperatures are only a few degrees lower than in the town nearby.