Stargazer’s Top Six Places

Are you a romantic person with a soft spot for stars? Good news: there are places where you can officially enjoy the world’s best view of the skies at night.

1. Mont Megantic, Quebec. There’s even an observatory there. The peak is located right at the centre of a national park, which makes it an amazing place for biking and hiking before setting down to marvel at the stars.

2. When visiting Namibia, check out the open-air lodgings at NamibRand Nature Reserve. Here you can go on a safari drive to admire the local game and enjoy a jaw-dropping sight of the Milky Way at night. NamibRand is lauded for its accessibility and size, as well as being one of the best places to stargaze.

3. Stars are also beautiful in France, where Pic du Midi, the highest point for stargazing, is located. It’s open to visitors wishing to see the stars, and you can also try the local food. One cable car ride, and you’re ready to admire the mountains at day while waiting to see the sky after dark.

4. A place that’s only an hour’s ride from London, Moore’s Reserve, is the top stargazing place in England. It’s the home to “star parties” with telescopes, hosted by astronomers, and it’s also located on the grounds of the newest national park in England. Other attractions include the famous white cliffs and an old windmill.

5. Ireland is another place for gazing at the stars. At Kerry Dark Sky Reserve, light pollution is almost non-existent. There’s a hostel, pub and beaches to enjoy during an overnight stay.

6. If you happen to be in Germany, try stargazing at Westhavelland Nature Park. Astronomers as well as tourists favour this spot, but keep in mind that it’s a wetlands park, meaning it’s not ideal for campers or trekkers. “Star party” is held there in September each year, and the place can be accessed by bus from Berlin.